When A.C. Green was in high school, he played basketball at Benson High School in Oregon. While he hoped that he would someday play in the NBA, his hope was just a dream. Upon his graduation from Oregon State University, A.C. was drafted in the first round by the Los Angeles Lakers and went on to win three NBA championships with the team. A.C. Green holds the NBA and ABA records for most games played in a row at 1,192 – that’s why they call him the Ironman. He’s known for his commitment to the team and for his endurance. But that’s not all that sets A.C. apart. A.C. attributes much of his success to a decision that he made as a teenager and has kept to this day.

“I made a decision… I resolved not to be with a woman until I married. My convictions were obvious when I joined the Lakers but not proven, so a few players taunted, teased, tempted, and tried me to see if I’d hold up to my standards to save sex for marriage. ‘Hey wait ‘til you see what’s waiting for you,’ they said… ‘How much do you want to bet A.C. can’t stay away from so and so?’ one said. ‘I’ll bet twenty dollars he can’t,’ said another. Still another piped up with, ‘Count me in for a hundred dollars.’ ‘You won’t last two months in the NBA,’ one of the guys told me. Some even threatened to set me up with women that they knew would pressure me. ‘Let’s see how strong you really are,’ they said.

Eventually they got tired of the game and started believing in me.” – A.C. Green